San Jose Permanent Makeup


We are contributing to the world of beauty by creating one fresh face at a time.


Your face says it. Great face — Great looks.
— Wake up with Make-up — Never look plain again
— Enhance your looks — Look fresh 24 hours a day
— Feel terrific in the morning when you look in the mirror — Define or Improve your eye shape – Improve/Alter your eyebrow shape — No smudging make-up marks during those long days — Your make-up is still there after you swim — Rub your face all you want!


It will take a bit of time to draw the lines. We get you comfortable and then numb you. The entire visit will be about 2 hours. The actual procedure takes about 40 minutes… full lips will always take much longer.


The process is minimally invasive. Most clients can return to daily activities right after a procedure. Some may want to rest after an eyeliner procedure. Complete recovery will take 4-10 days with proper follow up care. Complete written and verbal instructions will be included.


Permanent Make up has a reputation for being painful. Kimberley is sensitive to this fact and committed to the importance of controlling the pain. She uses strong anesthetics similar to what our dentists use.
Applying Permanent Make up is uncomfortable. However, it does not hurt the same as getting a tattoo.
➢ Eyebrows
Many ladies fall asleep in Kimberley’s chair when getting their eyebrows done.
➢ Eyeliner
This is the most uncomfortable procedure… after the numbing takes effect most clients feel a sensation that tickles. The rubbing is what makes it tender.
➢ Lips
Full lips take the longest time so it is a bit tiring but the discomfort is minimal. Lip liner is a less complicated procedure.


Your skin color and the desired result are the most important things to consider. Together we will be able to select or mix a color that will be perfect for you. The bottom line is you must approve it.


Your beautiful new look can last for years! Helping with the healing process in the first 4 days is extremely important for longevity. It is very important to get the touch-up 5 weeks after the original procedure.


Yes. We are committed to the highest standards of your looks and care. We subscribe to the highest ethical, hygienic and procedural standards in the industry. Kimberley uses prepackaged, sterilized, disposable parts and needles. All pigments are natural, hypoallergenic, and approved by the FDA for cosmetic use.


The pigment is being imbedded under your dermal layer of skin so minor swelling or bruising may or may not occur for the first day or so after the procedure. This will always heal completely. Kimberley is very thorough explaining how your skin will accept the pigment and the variables that may occur.


➢ The anesthetics, Tetracaine, Lidocaine or Epinephrine
➢ Latex gloves
These are the most typical allergies. It is always best to be safe and consult with your Doctor if you are not sure that you may have allergies.

About Kimberly Hester
Kimberly Hester Photo
Kimberly Hester is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional Technician with extensive credentials. She will provide quality work at a fair price in a very clean environment. She is especially pleased when you feel comfortable and cozy. By the time you get started you will feel confident in the talent and ability that Kimberley has.
She has a background in art… line drawings, painting and lettering.

In the 10 years of practicing her profession clients have been extremely pleased with her work. They have returned for other procedures or recommended Kimberley in the highest regard.
She offers her experience as an artist and has an eye for balance and color blending on the skin. She practices advanced techniques to create hair-strokes for eyebrows and has a very steady hand for fine line details. Please refer to Yelp, Facebook, Google and the testimonial page in this site.


My tattoo training started in 2004 with certification from a Post-Secondary School accrediting Implantation of Micro Pigmentation in Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips. Kimberley is also certified and compliant with the Occupational Safety & Health Association, (OSHA).

My education, as well as continuing education, has been such a blessing to have when I am implanting ink under your skin. It started for me in 2004 when I knew I wanted this to be my area of excellence for life. I now have extensive training which you can read about in my biography. I am very excited and waiting for my next class. I will gladly pass on my knowledge to anyone who is interested. Especially for my clients. It is important to me that each client is fully satisfied when it comes to the procedure I am doing for them.

Continued education includes Eyelash Extension training in 2005, Color Blending and Camouflage in 2010, Academic and Practical Advanced class that was focused on Restoration of Skin Color and Removal of Color Pigmentation in 2011, Eyebrow Hair-Stroke training with both an electric tool and a manual tool in 2012 and in 2013 took an extensive Paramedical Procedures Course that was extremely focused on strict sanitation and sterilization rules, the reconstruction and restoration of the Areola following any kind of surgery including Mastectomy. The Advanced Paramedical techniques are also used to camouflage scars and remove scars. Corrective Re-pigmentation is effective for burn victims to remove/lesson their scars, Cleft Palate, Patchy Baldness and Vitiligo.