Some ladies like a natural and hands look for this I would place egg where the eyelashes meet the skin of the eyelid. Placing another line on top of that would also be a natural look. A bolder look would be a thick line without a wing. A much more noticeable look would be a thick, to a very thick line on top of the eyelash line that includes a wing. Be a wing could be a short one or a long thin one. I would make a suggestion based on the shape of your eye and the bone structure surrounding the eye. There is a variety of looks that can be made… For example, a two-tone eyeliner would be a soft black line above the eyelash line with a forest green or a dark sea blue line on top of the basic black. You can look as dramatic or as subtle as you like.

My method is simple and exact I make sure my line that we draw is marked with a marker that stays on after I take the numbing cream off. While the skin is numbed I will draw the line with using the needle.… Never straying from the original line, we drew with pencil. This is my insurance that the lines days straight and spite of the swelling that occurs.

  • soft look
  • striking look
  • natural enhancement look
  • strong bold lines
  • wings/tails/extended lines
  • corrections
  • camouflaging