Our lips have a natural outline called the Vermilion. We have that very small area around the lips for the use of correcting any asymmetrical shape or to plump your look. There are three procedures that we can do for the lips… the full lip, the enhanced lip line or the lips outlined.

We can make a soft, round Cupids Bow (the heart shape in the middle of the top lip), or we can create a more striking and dramatic look.

If your lips shape seems faded or invisible we can define the natural shape by lining the outside shape of your lips.

By adding a lip liner enhancement, the shape is noticeable from a distance. This is a thicker line that is blended into the full part of the lip. This look is very desirable if you want a soft glow with your vermilion line very enhanced.

Finally the full lip is just what it says… The entire lip is colored for a full and natural look.
Whichever procedure you choose your lips will have that definition that you grew up with or that you have always longed for!

  • Lip Liner
  • Faded Lip Liner
  • Full Lips
  • Soft Colors
  • Red Varieties
  • Natural Colors
  • Corrections