This is what it is all about.It means that you start out looking like you do right now and end up looking like you want.


Of course consultation are free. For a job well done it is best to have a comprehensive consultation. Any question is a good question. We take as long as you need to understand every concern or curiosity.


My education, as well as continuing education, has been such a blessing to have when I am implanting ink under your skin. It started for me in 2004 when I knew I wanted this to be my area of excellence for life. I now have extensive training which you can read about in my biography. I am very excited and waiting for my next class. I will gladly pass on my knowledge to anyone who is interested. Especially for my clients. It is important to me that each client is fully satisfied when it comes to the procedure I am doing for them.

Eyebrows & Micro-blading Eyebrows:

Micro blading is the latest trend. Ladies love the idea of going to get their eyebrows micro-bladed. The term is a little bit deceiving. It is actually a tool that we use… a manual tool used to create a hair stroke look. It is not created with an electric tool as the other procedures are. Hair strokes can also and most definitely be made with a single needle electric tool. Some sensitive skin’s are not able to be safely micro bladed. We will go into detail about whether you are at risk of an unpleasant outcome during our consultation.


All lips have a heart shape cupids bow. How much you would like to emphasize that shape? Is it a bit uneven? That is the beautiful thing about permanent make up. We can alter those things… permanently.


It outlines the beautiful eye shape that you already have. Everyone has a unique shape all their own. Imagine that it could be permanent. It’s there when you wake up… That plain look… Is history!

Reconstruction procedures:

Are a blessing. If there is something on or about you that looks bad and one of our procedures can help to make it look better… Oh Boy! I have trained in many classes to learn about altering shapes, creating shapes, blending colors to your skin and many other correctional procedures. If it is possible to safely create correction or reconstruction for you we will know during your consultation.

SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals):
I am a very proud member of the SPCP!

To be a mermber of this organization we technicians are required to abide by the highest standards of cleanliness, precision details and education that there is in this industry. I am looking forward to the next convention that includes advanced training led by doctors, master technicians and nurses.