Comprehensive Consultation
A thorough, complimentary consultation is the first step in achieving your beautiful, long-term result. The reason that you want to have a consultation before we go ahead and get started with the permanent make up process is that you can learn about the entire process. Starting with the initial visit, (this is the appointment that I call Saturation).

There are many aspects to discuss. We are a team… You will tell me what you want the result to look like & we will discuss the skin, the color, the shape and the techniques that can be used to create the look that you want. The pros the cons, what’s going to happen when we start, what’s going to happen when we finish and what’s going to happen on the second visit for the touch up, (this is the appointment that I call Focus).

My consultations are comprehensive and complementary. They are not about a price quote. Prices may vary depending on your previous history of the implantation of permanent cosmetics.

Complimentary Consultation